Palm trees give us a mighty lesson as how to survive the tough situations in life.

During a hurricane, you see all kinds of trees being blown down and uprooted. Oak trees may be sturdy but they are no match to the mighty winds at a speed of 100 mph. But Palm trees survive the mighty winds.

How palm trees survive the severe hurricane?

Palm trees have an aerodynamic structure that help them to withstand the storm. Unlike most trees, the Palm tree is able to bend the trunk along the direction of the fierce wind. It bends even to the point of breaking, but does not break. It can bend all the way to the extent where its top is almost touching the ground
As the hurricane passes away, the palm tree straightens back up stronger than ever. Studies show that when a palm tree is being bent and pushed over, its root system gets strengthened.

How like a palm tree we can survive the storms of life

The Palm tree accepts the storms and surrenders itself to the mighty winds to the point of reeling to the grounds. That’s how the acceptance of the situation which is not in our control can help a person to come out of difficult situations. The challenges in life are meant to make a a person stronger and better equipped to face situations. The stronger roots of palm trees after the storm stand testimony to this.

Lesson from the palm tree

There are hurricanes like situations in the journey of life at every step which are not in our control. Accept the situation as it is. Surrender to the almighty. And you will definitely come out of the situation stronger. Just remember the mighty oaks which provide resistance to the winds are uprooted but not the palm trees.

Acceptance is the key to be happiness.