Ganesha teaches a lesson to arrogant Kuber

Once upon a time, there was a rich king whose name was Kuber
and for him money was not a big thing as he had so much wealth thus he used to feel himself master of the ring.
Once he went to Mount Kailash
invited Lord Shiva for a huge meal,
Just to show the world that it was a big deal,
But Lord Shiva noticed there is something wrong with his appeal.
Lord Shiva told King Kuber to take Ganesha for the meal,
And Kuber thought that it was a good deal.
Lord Ganesha went to Kuber’s house which was palace-like
And told Ganesha to eat as much as he like,
Lord Ganesha took the offer and started to eat
And he ate everything that Kuber had for the treat,
After eating everything lord Ganesha wanted to repeat
but King Kuber didn’t have more for Ganesha’s meal to complete.
King Kuber told Ganpati that he didn’t have more to offer.
Lord Ganpati got angry and said, “I am your guest either satiate my hunger
or I will eat you as well”.
Kuber ran straight to Lord Shiva told him the story, Lord Shiva laughed
at him and said, “you are the king of all the money in the world can’t you feed a child”
King Kuber realized his arrogance was wrong as he is not able to feed
Ganpati with all his money along.
He learned his lesson and satisfied
Ganpati’s hunger with the meal given by Lord Shiva.


“A man who is blessed with money should not be arrogant instead he should be like a tree which gives its fruits to the needed”

– Lord Shiva