Inspirational story of the king and two hawks

To fly high in life we have to come out of our comfort zone
Inspirational story of the king and two hawks

The story beautifully captures the true essence of coming out of one’s comfort zone and finding true potential.  A king was gifted two beautiful small baby hawks.  The king had never seen such small majestic looking hawks before. He appointed an experienced man to look after these beautiful creatures. As time passed, with good care these hawks started to look remarkably powerful.  

One day the caretaker informed kings that hawks had started flying .

The next morning, at  the crack of dawn, as the vibrant blue sky set the tone of the day, the king  visited the royal garden to see their flight. He was delighted to see one hawk  touching the heights of the sky. But he was puzzled to see  the other hawk who just took a small flight and came back to sit on the tree. Upon seeing this, the king inquired, “What is the matter with this hawk? One is flying majestically while the other does not want to fly at all? The caretaker replied, “Sir, this has been an issue with this hawk from the start, he seems to cling to this branch.” The king loved both the hawks profoundly and he wanted to see the other hawk flying high in the sky. The following day there was an  announcement around the entire state, that upon the King’s orders, whoever can make this hawk fly, would be rewarded handsomely!!” 

The palace was then soon swarmed with scholars and noblemen from around the kingdom, each trying their luck to make the hawk fly, but all in vain.

As the weeks passed and the hawk was still in the same condition; he would fly a little and sit back on the branch. One fine day, to the king’s amazement, both the hawks were flying high in the sky. The king immediately asked to find out which nobleman had done this feat. The following day a young boy appeared in court. He was rewarded with gold coins and treasures. The king inquired, “you have done the impossible, just tell me how you could make the hawk fly which other what the great scholars could not do?” 
“I am just a simple farmer sir, I do not have wisdom to give. When I noticed that the hawk was comfortably sitting on the branch, I just cut the branch on which he used to sit. When the hawk noticed that the branch was not there, it started to fly high with his partner.” 

The moral of the story:

Since birth we have been comfortably sitting on the branches of comfort. We often avoid accepting changes or taking risks in life. We tend to forget our ability to fly high and find our true potential. To rise high in life, to achieve our goals, to be successful, we need to accept the changes in our life in a positive way as the future definitely has amazing opportunities in store for those who accept and take risks in life.