Better to be optimistic and positive rather than suffer. Results might be in your favour.

Lovely story of a prisoner desperately trying to save his life 

It is true what they say about a positive attitude, Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. This is a story that narrates how a positive attitude can save a life. This story opens up with two prisoners who were convicted for capital punishment and were to be killed instantly by the orders of the king.

One of the two prisoners knew that the king loved his horse very much. So cunningly he told the king that if his life was spared, within a year, he would teach his horse to fly. The king was pleased to hear that he would ride the world’s first flying horse.

The king ordered the guards to take the person to his royal stable. The other prisoner in disbelief looked at his friend and said, “You know that horses can’t fly, how did you even think of such madness? By doing this you are only delaying your death by a year“.

The prisoner confidently conveyed, "I have given myself four chances to escape death."

-First of all, maybe  the king  dies within a year. 
-Secondly, there is no guarantee of my life. 
-Thirdly, there is no guarantee for the life of the horse. Even he can die. 
 -Moreover, I might, by a miracle, actually teach the horse to fly.

Amazing sense of optimism, the story inspired me a lot.

One should not give up hope even in the worst of circumstances. We should maintain self-confidence and stay positive in every situation. .