A healthy and positive attitude takes to higher levels

Moti Choti at the jungle park inauguration

If you are someone who likes to find faults and hardly sees the good in other people, then you are at the right place and this article is a must read for you.

What is your approach towards life? Is it positive, negative or balanced?

Read the story below to know where your attitude can lead you.

The Bhima jungle was filled with joy and celebrations as all the animals, dressed in the best attires, were happily hustling towards the Chinkara Park, located in the heart of the forest.

Lombada lion, the king of the jungle, had invited all the creatures to attend the inauguration ceremony of the Chinkara Park. He treated them with good food and offered them a variety of amusement rides. The day was marked by fun and frolic for everyone in the jungle.

Two elephant brothers Moti and Choti also came to attend the ceremony. Though they shared the same blood, they were very different from each other. While Moti was fun loving and friendly, Choti was a snob and thought low of others. Moti even carried small animals on his back to the park, where the party was organised.

In the afternoon, everyone gathered near the fountain area for lunch.Soon after, a group of monkeys performed a circus to entertain everyone who was present there. All the animals were amused by the amazing circus feats shown by the naughty monkeys. In the evening, as the party was almost getting over, it was Lombada lion’s to address the animals.

Clearing his voice the lion said, “I thank you all for coming here and being a part of the celebration. Now that you have spent a day here, I would like to know how you find the new park. First of all, I invite the senior most residents Moti and Choti to come forward and share their thoughts with us.”

The park was beaming with happiness as bright sun rays fell on colourful flowers and animals heartily played with each other.

Finding faults is always easy.

Choti, with a smile on his face, immediately got up from his seat and said, “Dear king, thank you for inviting me here. I will be open and honest in my opinion. Since last year, there has been a great hype about the making of this park. But, sadly, I haven’t found anything great here. I just discovered a few more varieties of flowers. The amusement rides are few whereas I was expecting some thrilling fun.”

Pointing to small bits of paper and some scattered dry leaves, Choti said, “See, the park is already littered and the water in the fountains is flowing at a snail’s speed. I am sure everyone here would agree with my viewpoint.”

“I am sorry to say, but I am not very satisfied with the new park,” said Choti.

Everyone was silent. The air was still for a moment. No movement. No sound. Nothing.  Breaking the silence and holding the calm, the red-faced king now invited Moti to say a few words.

A positive and healthy approach to the situation makes all the difference.

Without any delay, Moti came forward. “First of all, I wish to thank you for such a beautiful creation in our jungle. I have never seen so many differently coloured flowers in all my life. With time, I am hopeful that we can introduce more varieties,” said Moti.

Continuing the speech, he said, all of us had so much fun taking the wonderful rides together. “We can later get more rides installed for more adventure. The place is so pleasant, neat and clean and the park is a delight to the eyes. The animals should also be careful in not littering the park,” he continued.

He further shared how heavenly he felt when water from the fountain touched his skin. Finally, Moti thanked the king for creating a wonderful park in the forest.

Moti’s precious words soothed everyone present there. Thanking Moti for the feedback, the king said his approach towards the newly made park had delighted him. Naming it as Florida Park, the king appointed Moti as the manager of the park. “You have the full authority to manage and take care of the area. Funds will be allocated to you to make the new additions to this park,” he told Moti.

Turning towards Choti, the king said,“You have critical eyes that see only dirt and the short comings. I assign you the duty as the head sweeper of this park to ensure the place is always clean.” The meeting ended. Everyone shared Moti’s joys while Choti was still making complaints.

So, what do you learn from this story?

Here’s the moral

Your attitude determines your altitude. It is important to be critical, to analyse things, but it doesn’t mean that one has to be negative. We should always choose our words and aim to set things right with an optimistic mind and spirit.