Ganesha breaks his teeth to write Mahabharata 

Long ago there was a rishi – Maharishi Vyasa
He only had one intention, to get Mahabharata written without any tension,
So he kept praying to Lord Bhrama and got his attention,
Lord Bhrama appeared and asked Maharishi what he needs.
He told Lord Bhrama he wants a writer for Mahabharata to and see where it leads.

Lord Bhrama told Maharishi to go to Lord Shiva
He will get you what you need
So Maharishi went to Lord Shiva and told him need,
Without any delay Lord Shiva told Ganesha to write for Maharishi and Ganpati agreed.

Before starting to write Ganesha made a wish
Asked Maharishi not to take a pause and speak with speed,
after which Maharishi also made a wish
Asked Ganesha to understand before he writes and then proceeds,
hence started the story writing with good speed,
but soon writing became slow because of the pen strength got exceed.
But Lord Ganesha was determined,
so he breaks his own tooth for the writing to succeed
Soon they completed the Mahabharata what he promised,
hence came the book of Mahabharata which today anyone can read.

“Dedication is the key to success. no matter what are the hurdles if you are dedicated you will succeed”
-Lord Ganesha