Drink some personality potion

Have you ever wondered what makes a person with similar credentials more likable or successful? Have you ever felt a lack within that stops you from making a difference in life? If yes, then you are at the right place, where you will get to drink some personality potion. Personality, as we understand, is a combination of characteristics that make us distinct. The fact that we all have different personalities, makes us very unique. It not only defines us but also impacts our social, mental, emotional and physical growth. In this article, I am going to share seven pointers that are common to all personality types. These seven ingredients of the personality potion will help readers work on their persona and create a strong base for extensive character development.

Let’s get on them, one by one.

1. Wear that infectious smile on your face

A smile is the most priceless ornament that always makes you look more charming. It helps you connect with people better and spreads positive vibes. Smile more often because it is powerful beyond imagination.

2. Restyle your wardrobe

You don’t really have to dress to impress but wear clothes that define you well. The aim is to look natural and comfortable in your own skin. Make sure the outfit you carry adds to your confidence.

3. Watch your body language

Even before you show your conversational skills, people put you under the personality scanner. Here is when nonverbal communication in terms of body language is tested. Always watch your actions, gestures, facial expressions to build a personality that is remarkably your own.

4. Control language before it controls you

Words are the greatest weapon. Choose your words carefully and make good conversations that engage people. Be polite but assertive. The growth of your personality depends on how well you master the art of speaking.

5. Care to be optimistic

You might enhance your personality by working on the physical attributes but the real change happens in the mind. Your thoughts lead you and if they are positive, you are sure to be successful. Put in efforts to guide your mind on the positive track and see the difference.

6. Being social help

The more people you meet and interact with, the better you know about diverse thoughts, cultures and experiences. This exchange of knowledge makes one dynamic and full of life. Go out, talk to people, know them, and create your presence. Just don’t exist but live.

7. Introspect to know where you stand

Give yourself time to know if you are doing fine. Analyze your behavior, thoughts, and actions actively. Praise yourself for all the good that you do. Don’t forget to change the bad in you. Be flexible in life and build a personality that you will feel proud of.

Drink this all. Not at once, but, sip by sip. Go slow, work hard, believe in yourself, and never give up. Trust that it’s not just a personality potion but a living miracle.

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