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Talasura And Ganpati

Talasura And Ganpati

Once there was a demon Talasura who was also a king,
All his life he troubled the gods as it was his thing.
He wanted to defeat Indra the king of the gods for a long time,
One day he attacked Indralok and succeeded in his crime,

and became the king of all gods, one & only “The Prime”.

Lord Indra lost everything and his life became tough,
but when he felt safe he started to plan how to get back his stuff.
On the other hand, Talasura wanted to keep what he attained,
so he started performing strict tapas until Brahma’s attention was obtained.
Brahma liked Talasura’s devotion and told him to ask for whatever he needs,
so Talasura asked Brahma for the power to rule all the races and breeds.
He also wanted not to be feared by anyone no matter where that leads.
But Brahma thought for a while and said “that is not possible.
You have to fear some species of living beings.
Among the four species of living beings, tell me whom would you fear?”
Talasura replied,”Elephant is the strongest of animal and I will fear him.”
Brahma granted the wish and disappeared,

After getting what he wanted Talasura became fiercer, arrogant and a little weird.
He began to search for Indra and the gods, who were hiding,
so Indra life became miserable and he went to Brahma for his guidance providing.
Brahma heard what Indra had to say,
And told him to go straight to Lord Shiva right away
As Lord Shiva’s son Ganesha was the only one who can end this without any delay.

So they went to Lord Shiva and explained that what was happening and what Brahma said,
And with that Lord Shiva called Ganesha and told him to stop Talasura from moving ahead.
So Ganesha went straight to Talasura’s kingdom and challenged Talasura for a fight,
Talasura accepted the challenge but was not able to do anything against Ganesha might.

Soon he remembered Brahma’s boon and realized he cannot defeat Ganesha as he was half elephant.
So his arrogance melted down, and he said to Ganesha “Vighneshwara, please excuse me and spare my life.”
Ganesha is as kind as strong he is, so Ganesha forgave him.
And Talasura gave up everything he attained from Indra.

Moral of the story

“No matter what mistakes we have made if we realise our mistakes and seek forgiveness, the god will forgive us for our past deeds”

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