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Shiva worshipping his son Ganesha

Shiva worshipping his son Ganesha

One day, after a survey
Lord Shiva found that he needed to fight demons for the earth to stay okay,

So without any delay, he went for the fight straight away,
but he forgot his own rule which was to pray.

So as soon as he embarked on his carriage,
the wheel broke and the car refused to move,
Lord Shiva was shocked and started to think about the reasons to improve.

Soon he realized his mistake and remembered what he forgot,
he forgot to pray to Lord Ganesha before his departure and that caused all the troubles he got,
to make everything right he started to pray Lord Ganesha on the spot.

After worshiping his own son he went straight to fight,
which he won successfully and came victorious with delight.

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