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Ganesha bullys a cat and learn a lesson

Ek bar ki hai baat
Lord Ganpati was apne friends k sath.
Everbody was laughing but not Musak Raj
So Ganpati asked “kya hai baat”,

Musakraj told Ganpati about a cat which he was scared of because apparently he was a rat,
Ganpati being his mentor told him not to worry, we will take care of this cat without any hurry.

Ganpati went to the cat and started catching her,
running from Ganpati the cat was full of dar.
Eventually Ganpati ne cat ko liya gher,
there was nowhere left to go to so the cat got more scared,
after catching the cat Ganpati grabbed her tail,
with all the bullying the cat got pale,
Ganpati and his friends bullied the cat,
Musakraj suddenly became the happy rat.

After bullying the cat they came back to the house,
now Ganpati went to see his mother with his mouse.
As soon as he saw his mother he knew something was wrong,
Goddess Parvati looked pale and not so strong.

Dekh k apni maa ko ayse Ganpati ji gaye dar,
Goddess Parvati explained to him because of his bullying she has to suffer,
the reason she was pale was because of the cat’s condition,
every being is a part of Goddess Parvati that explains the position.

Goddess Parvati explained to Ganpati about the fact,
She told his son that every innocent being in this world was with her intact,
soon Lord Ganpati realised his bullying was not right,
hence he made the promise “innocent people will not be harmed within his sight”.

“Every being also animals have every right to live in this world, just as humans do. So do not cause any injury or ill-treat any animal”
-Goddess Parvati

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