The Cow survives and the Tiger dies – Motivational Though

The Cow survives and the Tiger dies

How a Guide in the life help us to take through difficult times and

A cow was being chased by a tiger. The cow ran for her life trying to protect herself from her predator. The chase continued for a long time until the cow halted in front of a pond. Seeing no other way to save herself from being hunted by the tiger, the cow jumped into the pond without further ado. The tiger in his madness to catch the prey, followed the cow and jumped into the pond.
The pond was very shallow and full of mud. Initially, both the tiger and the cow were struggling to free themselves of their entrapment. As time passed, the tiger got increasingly frustrated with his situation. He began to jeer at the cow for her weakness. “Soon I’ll be ravishing on your flesh and bones”, said the tiger to the cow.
The cow seemed unperturbed by this and countered the tiger with a question in reply, “Do you have a master who takes care of you?”
The haughty tiger boasted of his status as the King of the jungle and said in reply ” I am the master of my own will. Everyone bows down to my majesty”. The wise cow retorted back, ” Despite being the King and the possessor of such mighty powers, you are unable to save yourself from the trouble. Your powers seem to be of no use to you.”
At this, the tiger was taken aback. The tiger had nothing better to say but wouldn’t give up still. He asked the cow” but you can’t save yourself either. You’ll be soon be dying here in the mud itself “.
The cow smiled and said ” I belong to my master who takes good care of me and protect me from all dangers. I’ve my complete faith in him. At sunset when he will find me missing from the stable I know he will come looking for me and save me from my plight.”

After a few hours, when the scorching heat of the sun changed into a coolness of the breeze, the master of the cow came looking for her. The master rushed to her rescue and saved her life. While walking back towards home, the cow felt a profound sense of gratitude towards her master who has always taken care of her, protecting her from all troubles. They pitied the tiger, who remained strangled in the mud, a victim to his own pride and hauteur.
It is a beautiful story that portrays the role of guide in our life. When we have a master, guru, mentor or a guide in our life and when we develop complete faith in him, definitely he will take us through the difficult times in our life and guide us to a brighter and a happier life.

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