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Skills to lead happy life.

"Clean the house within" strategy

I lighted the agarbatti in the house which is a normal routine after the maid cleans the house. Somehow there was a suffocating feeling in the house that remained long after the agarbatti finished. The next day, the same thing happened. After 3-4 days I stopped using that agarbatti and brought another known brand. On lighting it, now there was a pleasant smell in all the rooms.

I just started analyzing. What could be the difference when both sticks are agarbatti and are expected to give good smell and add to the pleasantness in the environment.

The answer was simple. The first one was adulterated  and the second one had purity in the contents. So the difference was in the ingredients and on lighting, the two agarbattis contribution to the environment was entirely different.

Now let us come to our ‘SELF’. Have we ever looked into what all is there in our minds?  We will find – jealousy, hatred, greed, bad remembrances, desire to beat others, anger, malafide intentions, cheating and so on……

There is no end to it. Deep within our mind, we know all these exist and like agarbattis, these ingredients in our mind reflect in our thought process, our way of looking at life and in our dealings with others. But with these ingredients within ‘our mind’ can we find happiness?

So here is the skill that we have to develop to bring happiness in our lives. We have to clean the mind. To clean the house within first we need to be aware of our thoughts.

When a negative thought arises , when jealousy takes birth, when greed precipitates,

we need to be aware of the presence of these toxic thoughts. Just as we find a snake in the house, attempt to kill it and through it out, in similar way we need to tackle these thoughts which are like snakes, lizards, cockroaches housing in our mind.

First, we need to be aware of their presence and then make conscious effort to throw it out one by one. As the toxic dirt goes away, pleasantness starts blossoming and doors to happiness start opening.

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