We can find happiness only if we train our mind to enjoy the journey to the goal. – Motivational Though
Be Happy

We can find happiness only if we train our mind to enjoy the journey to the goal.

The story of a lazy donkey & carrot

A washerman had a donkey that he used for his daily work of pickups & deliveries. The donkey was very lazy and he just loved standing in one place the whole day. The washerman used to beat donkey a lot but still, the lazy donkey was not ready to go for work.

The intelligent advice by a saint

One day, as usual, the washerman loaded a sack full of clothes on the donkey but that lazy donkey refused to move an inch. In frustration, washerman again started beating the donkey with a stick. An old saintly man was passing by. He asked the washerman why he was beating the donkey. The washerman sat down on a stone and narrated the lazy habits of the donkey. The saint said “I would tell you a technique to get work from the donkey. Get a small frame fixed around donkey’s face and hang long fresh carrot on it. But ensure that carrot is far enough so that donkey cannot eat it. You will find donkey working the whole day. Also, keep on changing the carrot”.

Saying this the saint went his way. The washerman did exactly what he was told. He got a frame fixed around donkeys face and hanged a carrot in front of the mouth, but at distance, so that the donkey was not able to eat it.

The donkey tried to eat the carrot. As he could not reach it, he took one step ahead to catch it,  another step, one more step and kept on moving ahead to get the carrot. And the whole day he was on a mission to catch the carrot. The washerman was now a happy man as his efficiency had doubled. And for the donkey, it was a journey to get the carrot.

How the story of donkey reflects the bitter truth of our life?

Just as the donkey kept on moving in lure of the carrot for the whole day, in the same way, we humans are endlessly on a journey to find happiness. We hope to be happy and satisfied after achieving one target. But as soon as we achieve that target, the next desire is ready.  The race to achieve next, then next target continues and we are not able to find happiness.

The story in no way means that we should not desire to achieve higher targets. We should always aim to reach where ever we want to. We should be always ready to pursue our dreams and put in all the efforts and hard work required.  At every step, we should be prepared to face the struggles to reach our dreams. However, there is only one caution. We should not link our happiness to the achievement. Happiness is not an achievement. Happiness is always there within us. We should learn to find happiness in every moment, in every course of the journey, in face of the hardships. Happiness is not on conditions. When we link it to conditions then it remains elusive just as the carrot has been for the donkey.

We have to find happiness in every moment in every phase of the journey. Our happiness cannot be on conditions.  We have to train our mind to be happy. We need to learn the skills to be happy.

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