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How we can let happiness make an entry in to our lives?

First let us read a small story. A couple is just back from hospital with their newborn daughter. Father, with deep love in eyes, hands over the sleeping baby to mother. He comes back time and again to see the beautiful little girl God has given him. His wife goes to washroom asking him to just sit besides the baby. The little girl wakes up and stares straight up. The father calls her by naughty names, expecting her to look at him. 2behappy mother-father But the little baby doesn’t respond. He picks shakers, a tinkering toy. The baby doesn’t move eyes. Father is now a worried man. The child is not responding to sound. Is she deaf ? He nervously calls his wife and shares his apprehensions. The wife picks up child, plays with her, calls her by funny names. She just dismisses husband’s fear telling that baby is just three days old. But father doesn’t agree. He immediately calls the doctor who is away on a weekend trip. Doctor also asks him not to worry and and bring child for checkup on Monday. But that also doesn’t reassure the stressed father. Even the parenting tips in Google don’t allay his worries. He recalls his grandmother was deaf and now is his daughter. It is all in his genes. He really feels bad for his daughter. Such a beautiful daughter. But she is deaf. How will she spend her whole life. Oh. She will have no friends and wil have to live an isolated life. How can he ever be happy when his daughter has to lead such a difficult life.
For father it just gets difficult to enjoy the precious weekend with his little new born. But for the mother there was nothing wrong and she had her normal routine playing with baby.
On Monday doctor examined the kid and asked parents not to worry as kids sometimes take 15-20 days more to respond to. But still the father was a worried man for 15 good days until child started responding.
Here is the story of two people who have completely different way of looking at life. Father is a worrisome person who always imagines the worst in any situation. Hence not a happy person in life.
On the contrary wife, with a positive attitude, doesn’t give immediate judgments. She always tries to find the solution and does not reach the melancholy stage till all the options are ruled out. She is perhaps leading a happier life.
The couple in this story portray the characters of most of us. Just take one minute break and relate yourself with the characters. Your heart will tell you what kind of a person you are. Extreme worrisome, worrisome, less or least worrisome.

How to be at peace when confronted with a difficult situation

Just see with in. What keeps us disturbed most of time. Any incident may be as small as noticing a slight defect in a newly purchased dress, maid not cleaning properly or not finding a 100 Rs. note or to the extent of huge losses in business or loss of near & dear one – any of these has the power to hamper our peace. Any small or big issue and the whole day mind just keeps itself busy till it gets replaced by another incident that gives more fodder to mind and this vicious circle continues.
The mind is continuously busy revolving around one or other issue and we are consistently attached to the negativities in mind.
Just take a break and analyse yourself.
Is your mind behaving differently or it is in the same mode -thinking, thinking and thinking. Mind is programmed in such as way as to think only negatively. From where then happiness will make an entry ?
Yes. We need to break this pattern. Maintaining peace and happiness in our life also has to be learned.

Today we will understand the first and foremost change in self, which when starts happening in our life will open doors to peace and happiness .

It is the Art of acceptance.

Any situation which is beyond our control, we have to accept it. Acceptance by no way means that we do not have to work on the issue. As our scriptures say, when faced with any situation, put in your 100% efforts or even more. But ultimately we all have realized so far that results are not in our hands. We have to accept the result, whatever it is. This is Art of acceptance. To accept the situation as it is.
We can train our mind to accept the situation immediately. Otherwise as per the rules of nature we can be in melancholy for hours, days and months depending on the extent of problem. But sooner or later we have to accept the situation because there is no wayout.
So why not come in to acceptance mode as and when we face any situation that is not as per our expectations or desires. Need not say, it will save us from tensions, sadness, pains and also provide peaceful mind to plan the next step.

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